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Our Family comes to America

Our family comes to America - the Story of this Anderson families beginning. Klose Family Brick Kilns in Hastings Nebraska (my Mother's family)         [gallery columns="6" ids="759,760,761,762,763,764,765,766,767,768,769,770,771,772,773,774,775,776,777,778,779,780,781,782,783,784,785,786,787,788,789,790,791,792,793,794,795,796,797"] Mads Anderson Hay Swear Patent 1281477 US1281477   Link to Patent Mads Anderson 1913 Land Roller Patent 1073460 US1073460 Feed Grinder Patent 2066621  US2066621 Feed Grinder 1936 Klose Brick KIin at Brickyard Park Hastings Nebraska 1900's


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Cummins Engine Work

Cummins Engines - Things we do!   ISX DOHC and SOHC head and engine machine work       O-ring 5.9 Head Poppes-head-12-15-15-0835 Current Tech Bulletins suggest no longer Boring 5.9L Cummins due to pin holes. Jan 2016. Sleeving is perhaps best options. [gallery ids="1124,1125,1126"] [gallery columns="5" ids="1203,1204,1205,1206,1207"] 6.7L-Cummins-Mid-America-1-7-2016-01141 Boring 6.7L Block...
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