John Deere Repairs

John Deere

Diesel Engine and other John Deere Housings and axle Repairs




JD Clutch Housing R62889 R72449

JD 4840 Clutch and Transmission Housings


JD 4455 Clutch Housing Repairs

R83113 as received

8100 8200 8300 8400 JD Rock Shaft Housing repairs


JD 4840 Front Axle Housing R49601



7420 JD Front Wheel Drive Axle Repair 2015


7410-Axle-00945 (3)


JD 7410 Front Axle Repair


JD-R135208-Tranny-PTO-Washer-01162 (1)

8210 PTO Drive Gear Bore in R135208 Tranny Housingfor washer R192369

8000 Series JD PTO Drive Gear Failure Heavy Extended PTO Usage

Balance JD 8.1L Crankshaft

R40734 Pump Housing O-Ring groove updates

R40734 Pump Housing



JD 70 Diesel 2 Cyl Block

JD 4440 and R59133 Housings  R33322 above Brg  BP13615 w/o Ear below Brg. and JD8537 Roller Brg.  Also Service Bulletin R83-50-16 (9/83) JD8917 and JD8258 bore spec 3.8424″

R117813 7800 John Deere Rockshaft Housing – L75840 Phenolic Bushings – L117817 Dust Shields

R313458 R313452 R210449 Housing Support Accessory Drve Frame JD 8345R 6090

19M9140 20mm x 2.5 Threaded Bolt and R54380