Cat Engine work

C15 3406E ACERT Head Pressure Checking – Quick Turn-around.

4P9121 Crankshaft Std/Std for sale call George

3406E Upper Kits C15

2N5775 Dowel

Cat 3406 Bridge Guide 2N5775 2N-5775

Cat 3406 Bridge Guide 2N5775 2N-5775

398-0236 3980236 3406E C15 Cat Head – Pressure check & Surface Mill


C12 Cat cam bore repairs  Рwe can sleeve your damaged cam bore Рbring us a bare block and a new set of cam bearings 2019

Balancing C15 3406E Cat engine rotating assemblies – Balance

Parts from Cat 10R-7172  346-6615 180-7350 224-3244

October 2020 Piston Packs all within a gram

3126 Cat block sleeving

Block cast number 129-1097 std bore 4.307/4.3327

block 129-1097