Bruce Morris CSX


Bruce Morris CSX4814 Car and CSX814 Shelby Block



4.250 bore x 4.250 Stroke x 6.635″ Rod 1.395CD ¬† 9285 Miles


Email to Nancy at Arias on Piston order 11/6/14 – received – will order after block done at Shelby. Pistons ordered 12/2/14

Email to Brian at Scat on Billet Crank order 11/6/14 -Talked again 11/10/14-getting quote ready. Crank Ordered 12/2/14

Checked in with Robert at Shelby on Block Liter-Tru update 11/10/14 (In Machine). Not Done 12/2/14, moving Shelby Engine shop to Winsor CA and are sending block back to us. Ordered BHJ Lifter-Tru additional tools to do ourselves 12/2/14

Cold Air Ducts – order in process 11/5/14 – 11/12/14, messages let at Kirkham again 12/2/14


See additional comments above dated 12/2/14. Crank & Pistons ordered today. Block on way back from Shelby. We will do here.

12/4/14 Ordered new 1.750″ Exhaust Valve from Ferrera (Heads) some old ones were bent from lifter issues. (F6212)

The new Bill Board Goodyears mounted and balanced 12/4/14 at 3 Points Tires.





Back to Bruce 10/2/15




Update to higher  Compression РRadiator and Fuel Cell 2016


New higher compression motor ready and installed. Waiting for snow to be gone a bit so can test drive 1/9/17.