Roberts 526 Big Bore CSX1244 Shelby Motor 2017-2018

4.375 Stroke x 4.375 Bore a 6.535″ Rods

Scat Billet Crank, Oliver Rods, Arias Pistons

See Below for more Details

2/1/17 Crankshaft Order Placed and deposit sent

Arias Piston order emailed to Nancy 1/31/17 – waiting for confirmation

Arias-Piston-Order-Form-1-31-17-Gessford Pistons received 3/16/17

Oliver Rods ordered 2/1/17 12:20 PM Factory direct 3 weeks Received 2/7/17

Gallery of Progress


Ready to start initial assembly 7/7/17

Robert sending Starter, Valve Covers and Starter soon 1/9/18

Neil on assemble this week of 1/6/18

Two boxes received from Robert – Water Pump and Starter – Valve Cover to follow.

Pressure checked Intake manifold 2/21/18 (OK) Bert

Pressure checked both heads 2/21/18 (OK, OK) Tony (sorry no images of Tony doing this one)