MPH RMVR Inaugural Race 8/18-8/20/2006



NTV Coverage (Click below my Cobra Picture to play news video)

NTV 13 News at 10PM


Hastings Tribune Features 8/21/06 and 8/22/06

Tribune Front Page 8-21-06 front.pdf

Tribune Sports Page 8-21-06 front.pdf

Tribune Race Days Picture Page 8-21-06 front.pdf

Tribune Modified Seating RMVR Picture Page 8-22-06 front.pdf


Thanks to all for making this a Great Historical Day In  Nebraska!

MPH-RMVR-03439.JPG (153735 bytes)  MPH-RMVR-03440.JPG (137971 bytes)

MPH-TomHastings-_4.JPG (375175 bytes) Chamber President Tom Hastings 

MPH-Dee_and_Ed-_20.JPG (366321 bytes) Dee and Ed take first lap in a Vintage 58 MG

MPH-LtGov-_21.JPG (716874 bytes) Lt Gov Sheehy, Senator Burling, Mayor Rossen and Uncle Vance

MPH-HEDC_Dee-_10.JPG (370577 bytes) Dee Returns George's Screw Driver 10 years late.

MPH-LtGov_Sheehy-_6.JPG (373382 bytes) Lt Gov Sheehy  MPH-Seb_Burling-_7.JPG (364671 bytes) Senator Burling

MPH-Mayor_Matt_Rossen-_8.JPG (353367 bytes) Mayor Matt Rossen

MPH-RMVR-Roger-_19.JPG (373507 bytes) RMVR President Roger Hively

MPH-UncleVance-_11.JPG (342325 bytes) Uncle Vance attends  --- 96 Years Young!

MPH-Starter-_12.JPG (27222 bytes) Starter is ready for a Ride in the Cobra!!!!


From Jerry Doctor...(absolutely the best pictures)

Friday 8/18/06 Images

Saturday 8/19/06 images

RMVR-03465.JPG (130329 bytes)  RMVR-03470.JPG (147437 bytes)

RMVR-00305.JPG (148549 bytes)  RMVR-00310.JPG (153427 bytes)  RMVR-00322.JPG (127487 bytes)  RMVR-00325.JPG (147404 bytes)

RMVR-03471.JPG (137303 bytes)  RMVR-03475.JPG (147493 bytes)

some run videos by George








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