Greg’s 390 Stroker 1965 Galaxie 500 Project

Project Ideas: 4.250 Stroke x 4.030 4.040/060 Bore TBD x Updated Rocker System (Now Likely T&D Shaft Mount) x Scat Stroker Crank with FE Mains and BBC Chevy Rod Journals x H Beam Rods 6.535 (.400 Long BBC) x Arias Pistons for 10.0:1 Comp Ratio (Prox) and 76CC Edelbrock 60089 Bare Heads x Ferrea Valves and Comp Solid Roller Camshaft x Smith Brothers Pushrods.

Magnaflux Block (all OK) 12/3/15 3:00 PM

T&D Rockers Ordered 12/9/15 7022

Greg's Aluminum Valve Covers

Greg’s Aluminum Valve Covers


11/22/13 OK to order Cam and Lifters – Clutch Parts

emailed Comp on above Cam/and parts

Called Isky on Lifters

Block in assembly 12/23/16 being assembled

Working with Isky 1/10/17 of Roller Lifters as Summit could not supply. Calls into Jim.

Head work 3/1/17

Assembly update 3/16/17

Assembly 3/17/17

On Test Stand 3/22/17

First test run 4/3/17 Successful – Carbs all leak and need to be disassembled and rebuilt with new gaskets. Will then retest motor for Carb settings as needed.

Add Brad Penn final oil change & filters, rebuild carbs and retest motor (no fuel leaks) 4/6/17

will update BOM shortly – Motor Done as of 4/6/17 12 Noon