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FIA Homologation 12-3-1965-10-26-1995 CSX3000 up 220-65

Appendix J – 1965 ENG

2015 Appendix K_yearbook_WEB (v 141218)

2014 HTP Guidelines_(incl HTP renewal)

Tentative OK to use Lakewood Bell Housing from CSX 12/2/15 email from Tommy.

Ok’d for us to Remove Aluminum Motor from cobra and move forward 12/28/15.

See Head Page Below for Head Info

Ordered Custom 427 Ford Piston 10.84:1 Compression Sea Level- Arias Piston 12/28/15

Ordered Scat Stock Stroke 427 FE 4340 Steel Crankshaft and Stock Length 6.490″ H Beam rods 12/28/15.

Confirmed Top Loader 1965 4 Speed Close Ratio Main Housing Cast Number C5AR and Tail Shaft Housing C4Z as original Shelby Cobra. David Kee TopLoader Company will rebuild our Correct Transmission for FIA Racing for Tommy. Well Synchronized and set for Racing. Shipped Tranny to David Kee 1/6/2016.


shipped Tranny 1/6/16







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